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1871 Census Sprouston, Roxurghshire Sent in by Ann Hupert

This was an email sent to another fellow Renton - Crawford Renton.
My grandmother's maiden surname was Elizabeth Scott Renton (see Julia's family #67);
my great-great-grandparents, were Robert Renton and Elizabeth Kerr.
According to the 1881 census, they had a daughter Isabella, aged 8, who was born in Sprouston, Roxburghshire.
I got a copy of the 1871 census of Sprouston, hoping to find my gg-grandparents there.
I didn't find them, but I did find the following family:

William Renton, Head, age 66, Farm servant, b. BER Dunse
Jennet, wife, age 48, b. BER Channelkirk
Jane, daughter, age 17, b. BER Bunkle
Robert, son, age 15, b. BER Coldstream
Alexander, son, age 12, b. ROX Kirktown
David, son, age 10, b. ROX Makerstown
Margaret, daughter, age 9, b. ROX Makerstown
Agnes, daughter, age 7, b. ROX Makerstown
William, son, age 5, b. ROX Sprouston
Thomas, son, age 2, b. BER Gordon

This looks as though it might be your grandfather's family.
It was the only Renton family in Sprouston at the time of the 1871 census.
I also found the mariage of William Renton & Janet Purves on 17 Aug 1848 at BER Duns in the OPR.
Sprouston was a pretty small place in 1871; I've wondered if there might
be a connection between this family and my gg-grandparents.