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From the book - Hell West and Crooked

The recollections of Tom Cole,
A crocodile and buffalo hunting adventurer in the far north of Australia.

(Cornstalk Publishing 1994 Printed in Australia by Griffin Paperbacks, Adelaide)

Page. 168-169 (In 1930).

I drifted on, following the Sturt, and crossed the border into Western Australia.
At the end of February I rode up to *Lower Sturt Station homestead. Clarry Wilkinson,
the manager, was pleased to see a breaker: there were forty-odd youngsters he was anxious to get into work.
Id met Clarry previously in Katherine and had got to know him fairly well.
George RENTON, his head stockman, I recalled casually when he was trying to extract a livelihood
around the racing circuit with a horse called Warlock and seemed to be fairly affluent.
But he said he never made anything much with the horse: his main source of income was from poker, at which he was very adept.
Until he met someone who was a little more adept and he lost
all his money and the horse, too.which he thought might have been a good thing.

*Lower Sturt Station, WA: Owned by the Vestey family headed by Lord Vestey.
They owned 17 cattle stations from Western Australia
to the Overland Telegraph Line, a total in excess of 40,000 miles.