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One of our Renton's was a Bushranger!

RENTON, Thomas West 1867

On Sunday last [10 February?] a number of Chinese residing at a place
called the World's End, on the Meroo goldfield, a short distance from
Everingham's, were somewhat startled by being suddenly bailed up by a
bushranger. The Celestials, however, not being particularly acute at
"taking a joke," did not seem to see the matter in the same light that
the bushranger did, and so strongly did they object, that the robber
considering discretion to be the better part of valour, made off,
leaving his horse, arms and swag in the hands of the Chinamen.

The police subsequently captured him, and on being examined before the
Police Court at Mudgee, he gave his name as Thomas Alfred Rogers Renton,
and constable Sharkey stated as follows:-

I apprehended the prisoner yesterday morning at the Cudgegong River, below
Menendee. Before I arrested the prisoner at his hut I found him secreted
under the bed; I knocked at the door but got no admittance; I forced it
open, and found the prisoner lying on his hands and face under the bed;
I told him the charge, and he said it was a curious one, and a grievous one.
I asked him how he got wounded in the head; he said he was riding in the
bush, and his horse threw him in a hole. I asked him his name; he said it
was Thomas Rogers; he afterwards said his name was Alfred Renton.

[Western Post, 15 February 1867]