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Renton Family Tree's

Note from the Site Owner and Site Builder

The first and most Important thing to remember when going through these family tree's is NOT to take every thing as gospel.
Information submitted on this site either by myself or others should be verified through the correct channels as with all Genealogy.
I say this as it happened to me when I was first starting out researching my Renton Line.
I was led up the wrong tree so to speak because I took what was told to me as gospel.
But we all learn as we go along.

Secondly, If you come across a family that you are related to please feel free to email me with your
Name, email address and the Family Tree #
This way, if anyone else views this tree they can contact you.
Also, I still have family tree's that were submitted to me a very long time ago and the emails of the
contacts are now invalid. If you have a tree belonging to you on here and see your name,
please email me with your new email address so I can add it for you.

Thirdly, If you come across a family that you think links up with another family that is listed, please let me know.
I've tried my best to link them as much as I can, but with lots of William's, Jame's, Robert's and Georges ect in my database it can get a bit tricky.

Last of all, If you wish to contribute anything relating to the RENTON surname whether it be data,
photographs, your Renton Family Tree or maybe you have more to add to a tree already on here
then please email me at the address at the bottom of this page.
In the subject Line please put: RENTON SITE

The more that is contributed, the quicker we can hopefully link all these families together.