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Welcome to The Home of the RENTON surname Worldwide

This site is Dedicated to the Memory of
my Great Grandparents George RENTON & Jane LUKE
Photo taken Circa: 1860

My name is Julie Clift nee: Renton and I live in Australia and have been researching the
Renton surname for quite a number of years now.
Many years ago I had this same site up and running but on another server.
Unfortunately that server just up and closed down without a word to me that they were doing so.
I was very disheartened as I had put alot of work into it, as many of you would remember.

But none the less I still have a mountain of Renton information that has either been
collected by me or supplied by fellow Renton researchers.
So instead of letting in just sit on my computer, I decided
to put it back up on a website for all to benifit from it.
My thoughts are that if we come together we may just find that
our ancestors all link into one another, well that's my hope anyway.

Please note that all information on this site is like I said either supplied
by myself or by members of a particular Renton family, however in some instances
that person may only be distantly related to the people mentioned.
While every effort has been made as to the accuracy of the contents
of this site, myself or the supplier cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies.
It is hoped that where any errors do occur that we are notified so that errors can be corrected.
I am grateful for all those who have assisted in the supplying of information.
Their names will be mentioned above the information they sent in.

By sending in information this will be helping all fellow Renton's out there trying
to piece together their families and you never know you may just find a new relation.

This site is not made for the purpose of making money in no way shape or form and this is my promise to you.
And I also trust that the contents from this site do not be taken from this site for that purpose.
All contents on this site are to be used for private use ONLY.

I hope you the reader will find your missing family links here and if your family
isn't already on this site that you may consider sharing it with others if you so wish to do so.

Please be sure you have read all of above before clicking Continue.
Thanking you and Happy Renton searching !!